2019 Snipe Sailor of the Year

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You can vote for as many candidates as you want, there is not limit, but you can only vote once for the same candidate.

Voting ends on December 31, 24:00, Central European Time.

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The nominations

Agustin Zabalua (ARG) & Louis Moysan (ESP):

winners of the Copa de Espana

 Alan Williams (GBR) & Liz Pike (GBR):

winners of the UK Nationals

Alejandro Fresneda & Javier Lopez (ESP):

winners of the Master European Championship

Alexandre Paradeda (BRA):

number 1 skipper on the SSL Snipe International Ranking, winners with Gabiel Kieling of the Brazilian Nationals and second at the Snipe Worlds

Antonio Pereira (POR) & Ricardo Schedel (POR):

winners of the Portuguese Nationals

Christian Andersen (DEN) & Laerke Norgaard:

winners of the Danish Nationals

Damian Borras (ESP):

winner with Sara Franceschi (ESP) of the Trofeo Armada Espanola, with Alexandra Wang (NOR) of the Norwegian Nationals and third with Jordi Triay (ESP) at the Snipe Worlds

Dario Bruni (ITA) & Emanuele Zampieri (ITA):

winners of the Italian Nationals

Enrique Quintero (USA) & Kathleen Tocke (USA):

winners of the North Americans

Ernesto Rodriguez (USA) & Hallie Schiffman (USA):

gold medalists at the Pan American Games and winners of the Don Q

Fabio Rochelli (ITA) & Daniela Semec (ITA):

winners of the Open Croatian National

Gustavo Abdulklech (BRA) & Leonardo Motta (BRA):

winners of the Junior Worlds

Gustavo del Castillo Palop (ESP) & Rafael del Castillo Palop (ESP):

winners of the Spanish Nationals

 Harri Palm (CAN) & Inessa Townsend-Fish (CAN):

winners of the Canadian Nationals

Henrique Haddad (BRA) & Gustavo Nascimento (BRA):

winners of the 2019 Snipe World Championship

 Jean Jacques Frebault (FRA) & Kevin Roze (FRA):

winners of the French Nationals

Jose Luis Maldonado (ESP) & Alexandre Tinoco (BRA):

winners of the German Open

Jostein Grodem (NOR) & Karen Kristoffersen (NOR):

winners of the Norwegian Nationals

Juan Jose Ferretti (ECU) & Maria Emilia Moreno (ECU):

winners of the Ecuadorian Nationals

Kathleen Tocke (USA):

number 1 crew on the SSL Snipe International Ranking, winner with skipper Gintare Scheidt (LTU) of the Women’s Europeans, with Mateus Tavares (BRA) of the Bibi Juetz Trophy for the best mixed team at the Senior Worlds, with Tomas Hornos (USA) of the US Nationals, with Enrique Quintero (USA) of the North Americans

Lucas Orn (SWE) & Axel Edwall (SWE):

winners of the Swedish Nationals

Luis Soubie (ARG) & Diego Lipszyc (ARG):

winners of the Argentinian Nationals

Luka Jercic (CRO) & Josipa Prosinecki (CRO):

winners of the Croatian Nationals

Lukasz Sokolowski (POL) & Piotr Sokolowski (POL):

winners of the Polish Nationals

Manu Hens (BEL) & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen (NOR):

winners of the Belgian Nationals and of the Open Italian Nationals

Matias Seguel (CHI) & Maria Jesus Segiel (CHI):

winners of the South Americans and of the Chilean Nationals

Pablo Amorin (URU) & Rodrigo Rossi (URU):

winners of the Uruguayan Nationals

Pedro Vega (PER) & Lisset Castillo (PER):

winners of the Peruvian Nationals

Rainer Lischke (GER) & Wolfram Muhlhuber (GER):

winners of the German Nationals

Ricardo Fabini (URU) & Florencia Parnizari (URU):

winners of South Europeans

Ulrik Sandvig (NOR) & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen (NOR):

winners of the Open Swedish Nationals

 Ville Aalto-Setala (FIN) & Satu Salminen (FIN):

winners of the Finnish Nationals

Yuichi Ooi (JPN) & Noriaki Sakai (JPN):

winners of the Japanese Nationals



Previous winners:

2011 Alexandre Tinoco and Gabriel Borges

2012 Raul de Valenzuela and Alejandre de Ona Antolin

2013 Tiago Roquette and Tiago Morais

2014 Manu Hens with crews Victor Perez Campos, Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, Enrico Michel and Alexandre Tinoco

2015 Raul Rios with crews Fernando Monllor, Andre Guaragna and Kara Voss

2016 Birger Jansen & Janett Krefting

2017 Raul Rios and Mac Agnese

2018 Damian Borras Camps & Jordi Triay



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