Rules Changes – Submitted Proposals

Rules Changes – Submitted Proposals Image

According to the Decision Making Process,

  • Rules changes can be submitted (only by National Secretaries, the Rule Committe, the SCIRA Board or 5 Fleet Captains) up to 1st March.
  • All proposals will be published at the Spring Snipe Bulletin and on website.
  • The period from March to June will be used for public discussion and also for the Rules Committee recommendations.
  • The Board will vote all submission on July.
  • The approved changes will be sent to World Sailing (August) for final approval (November).

On March 1, 2020, six proposals were submitted:

Discussion Forum here on SnipeToday (you can leave comments):

20-01 Number of Races

20-02 Black Flag

20-03 Constitution

20-04 Open Worlds Deed of Gift

20-05 Add Jib Sheets to Total Weight

20-06 Position of Corrector Weight



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