How does the Snipe Worlds Selections Work?

How does the Snipe Worlds Selections Work? Image

The Snipe World Championship “Commodore Hub E. Isaacks Trophy” is not an open championship, in which everyone can participate, but it is a closed event, with numerical limitations by country.

The Deed of Gift provides a set of rules with the purpose of guaranteeing a high quality level for the pinnacle event of the Snipe Class, while allowing each country to send its representatives in relation to the number of registered boats in the last 2 years.

The  Commodore Hub E. Isaacks Trophy Deed of Gift states:

Quotas per Country: average number of registered boats for the past 2 years Entries:

1-5 = 1

6-15 = 2

16-30 = 3

31-50 = 4

51-100 = 5

101-200 = 6

201-300 = 7

300+ = 8

Additional entries non included in the above quota

Any former Isaacs World Champion skipper, the current European Champion, Western Hemisphere & Orient Champion, Women’s World Champion, First and second place in the Junior World. One additional skipper from the host country and one from the host fleet.


There are also deadlines to allow the SCIRA Office to check the membership of each member and the validity of the boat documents and to allow competitors to prepare for the event and plan the trip.

Initial Registration Period

6 months prior to the start of the Championship [2022 World Championships dates: Cascais, Portugal, August 19-25, 2022]

End of the Registration Period

3 months prior to the official start of the Championship

This means that SCIRA Countries, in order not to lose the right to register their sailors, must have concluded their selections and registered the sailors by name before the 3-month deadline expires.

Reallocation Period

If 3 months prior to the official start of the Championship, countries in good standing with SCIRA have not registered their maximum number eligible entries, and the number of registered entrants has not reached 80 teams, those unassigned entry slots will be re-allocated to a pool of qualified entrants, according to the rules specified by the D.o.G.

The SCIRA Office will shortly communicate the quotas assigned to each country and the deadlines to be respected. It will then be the responsibility of each National Secretary to respect the rules of the Deed of Gift and follow the instructions provided by the SCIRA Executive Director.

Selection rules in SCIRA countries

SCIRA Countries are free to choose their own crew selection rules. The only rules that must be respected are those of the Deed of Gift: therefore respect of the deadlines for registrations, and the quotas assigned to them. Basically, they shall communicate to the SCIRA Office the names of the selected sailors, 3 months prior to the official start of the Championship.

What are the selection rules in some SCIRA Countries?

Finland: 2 teams qualified from the 2021 Finnish Nationals; others are decided by the SCIRA Finland Board, based on applications. Their deadline for application is endo of January

Norway: teams selected from the 2021 Nationals

Italy: 1 team is selected as winner of the 2021 Nationals, other teams selected from a ranking (which counts the single races with discards) based on 4 Regate nazionali and the Italian Nationals. The ranking is closed 3 months before the Worlds.

Portugal: 1 team is the winner of the 2021 Nationals, other teams are selected from a ranking based on 3 regattas (PAN).

Spain: teams selected from a ranking based on the 2021 Spanish Nationals and Copa de Espana.

Chile: teams selected from qualifiers regattas.

USA: teams selected from qualifiers regattas: 2021 Don Q, 2021 US Nationals, 2021 North Americans, 2021 Rocky Mountains, 2021 Carolyn Nute Memorial Regatta.

Argentina: 2021 Argentinian Nationals

Brazil: 2022 Brazilian Nationals

Belgium: 2 qualification regattas (2022 Spring Cup and 2022 Copper Cup)



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