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Rules Change - Submitted Proposals Please leave a comment or send us an email to [email protected] ...

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Rules Change – Submitted Proposals

Please leave a comment or send us an email to [email protected]

From[1]: Antonio Bari, Rules Commeette Chairman                                                       

Email: [email protected]                           


Summary: change Section 28 and 30 of the Constitution




        Constitution                        By-Laws                             Class Rules

        Deed of Gift              Rules of Conduct                 NoR or SI Template          




Objective: more coherence with the General Restrictions



Proposal (include current & proposed changed wording- changes to be shown in red):   Example: By Laws: Section 1. Racing Season

   The official racing sailing season of this Association shall extend for the full twelve months of the year starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st.


Section 28. Technical Committee

   The Board of Governors shall appoint a Technical Committee consisting of the Chairman of the International Rules Committee, Vice Chairman, Chief Measurer, Rules Committee members and the Chief Information Officer.The Rules Committee in accordance with World Sailing Regulations shall maintain, study and make recommendations on all Class measurement rules and restrictions .This Committee, in accordance with World Sailing Regulations, shall have power to record or clarify any measurement rule or restriction whenever its meaning is deemed not clear or unfair. Proposed changes shall be submitted by March 1 and circulated to all members of the International Rules Committee for comments and recommendations as well as publication of the proposal via the Snipe Bulletin, posting on the website and via email to all National Secretaries with discussion held from March to June. The Rules Committee will then discuss, vote and make recommendations to the Board for consideration of a vote by the Board of Governors July 1-10., Measurement rules changes may take effect only on January 1 of each leap year (2000, 2004, 2008, etc.) and then only if submitted to the Board as agenda items by March 1 of the preceding year. Each proposed measurement rules change must appear on at least two agendas, with amendments offer able on the first circulation, and a vote on the amendments on the second or final vote on the change if no amendments were offered. Consideration at a properly called meeting of the Board may count as the second or third agenda appearance. Changes can be made at times other than the specified four-year intervals where the Board considers them to be of extreme urgency. An absolute majority of the Board is required for final passage. If approved, the proposed rule will be submitted to WS for approval and if approved, will be published to the members by December 1 with application January 1.

Whenever a “circular Letter” from the International Rules Committee over the signature of the Chairman appears in the Snipe Bulletin, the corrections, interpretations or simplifications appearing therein shall become a part of the current Official Rulebook. Such corrections, interpretations or simplifications will also be posted on the Snipe web site, Rules section.


Section 30. Amendments

   Proposed amendments to Constitution or By-Laws, Rules changes to General Restrictions, etc. must be submitted to the Executive Director not later than June March 1st of each year for consideration by the Board of Governors and Rules Committee. Amendments to the General Restrictions rules are subject to the approval of the WS in accordance with the WS Regulations.



Reason: current wording is not coherent with the General Restrictions rules and WS prescriptions.

[1]           Proposals can be made by the Board, Technical Committee, National Secretaries or 5 fleet captains up to 1st March.




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