Newport, RI, March 18, 1933

Snipe boat makes its debut (from the Boston Herald)

Newport, RI, March 18, 1933 Image

Snipe boat makes its debut (from the “Boston Herald”)

My grandfather is the builder in the fedora.  

The photos are from the Leslie Jones collection curated by the Boston Public Library. My grandfather built Snipes, Hustlers, Radios and Indians at his South Boston shop(s).  He was prolific as a builder and a sailor.  His last racing was in 210s with a very wealthy friend & boat owner, and George O’Day.  They represented the Eastern Yacht Club for the Manhasset Challenge Cup in 1950, 1951 and 1952. They tied in 1950 but lost the raceoff (to a friend and protege who was later a 3x 210 national champion). They won in 1951, and then lost in 1952. By then my grandfather was 55, the owner 58, and O’Day was just getting his feet wet. 

O’Day won the Rome gold in 5.5 m class in 1960, and was in the afterguard in 64 and 67 on the AC defenses. He also started a boat company somewhere in there, making boats that my brothers learned to sail in, and a boat my dad bought (26-0?).

Ken Rolt in MA



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