Pan Am Games Set to Start

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Sailing for the 2023 Pan Am Games are about to start with 8 countries represented for the Snipe.  Held in Algarrobo at the Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico, the same site as the Western Hemisphere & Asian championship earlier this year, it will be a great competitive group. The Snipe has been in the Pan Am Games longer than any other class racing. In 2023 we have 8 Countries represented in the Open doublehanded. The teams are as follows: 

ARGENTINA – Julio Alsogaray/Malena Sciarra

BRAZIL – Juliana Duque/Rafael Martins

CHILE – Matias/Constanza Seguel

CUBA – Nelido Manso/Sanlay Castro de la Cruz

PERU – Ismael Muelle/Alessia Zavala

PUERTO RICO – Raul Rios/Andrea Riefkohl

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Ernesto Rodriguez/Kathleen Tocke

URUGUAY – Pablo Defazio/Dominique Knuppel

Measurement: Thursday, October 26

Snipe racing: Sunday, October 29-31, Nov 2-4

Medal race, November 4
(Please double check the official schedule listing for the most accurate information.)

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Live broadcast of Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games:

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Pan American Sailing Site:

Snipe List of Competitors:

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