Interview with the Photographer: Will Carrara

Interview with the Photographer: Will Carrara Image

Will Carrara, sailing photographer from Sao Paulo, Brazil

– 1) When did you start as photographer and what sparked that?

I started as a self-taught and as hobby in 2008 taking Street and Urban photos, I have been graduated as Visual Communication, I did many photography’s course and still be studious every day by day.

– 2) When did you first take photos of sailing boats and Snipes?

In the end of 2018, I was introduced by a friend to the Yatch Club Paulista director, that showed my portfolio to Paola Prada Lorenzi (Yatch Club Paulista vice-comodoro), nowadays she is the Snipe Brazil Nacional Secretary. Paola gave me the opportunity to have the first experience to register the 70º Snipe Brazilian Class Championship in 2019 at Guarapiranga dam in São Paulo – Brazil.

It was a quickly passion and one of the wonderful experiences in my professional life and also a pleasant surprise to find amazing friends, which only increased my passion for sailing boats, Snipes, Oceanic Regatta (2019 Santos thru Rio de Janeiro) and other categories began.

– 3 ) What is your best sailing Photograph?

It is not easy to answer this question, because I have taken more than 200 thousand photos during these 2 years and each photo has a movement, an emotion and an important moment for each sailor.

– 4) What is the most challenging thing about capturing sailing in photos?

Every Regatta is a challenging, because I have the responsibility to capture the best angle, maneuvers, expressions, positions  and movements of the boats and sailors during the Regatta and take attention with the environment, weather conditions, my place on the boat and also see the pilot  directions. A special thanks to boat pilot Luca Lorenzi that are with me since my first regatta and I have been learning a lot with him.

– 5) Do you have a special technique or secret to take pictures of Snipe Sailing?

All photographers have their own techniques, I am particularly concerned with shutter speed and brightness depending on weather conditions on the day of the Regatta. I love to catch the expression and movement of sailors in their maneuvers during the competition.

– 6) Is this Class different from other Classes?

Snipe Class requires a lot of technique, adjustments in the snipe boat before and during the regattas. There are lot of interactions between the crew (helmsman and proeiro) thus becoming a very competitive class.  It is one of the most traditional class of sailing boat.

– 7) Which kind of equipment (camera, lens, drone) do you use?

I have two Canon SLR cameras (Full Frame), three canon lenses, two telephotos: medium distance (70-200mm f4), long distance (70-200mm f2.8 + 2x lll extender) and a wide-angle lens (24-105mm f4). I store the equipment in a watertight box protecting from water, rain, sea air and high temperatures.

– 8) Do you take only photos or are you also filming video?

I am only taking photos, but recently, I bought a hero GOPRO HERO 7, where I am starting to get some moments, but certainly, I still prefer to get pictures.

– 9) Do you change your technique according to the sailing conditions and light?

As I explained in one of the questions before, I take care more about the shutter speed technique and lighting according to the weather conditions. Sunny days are always the best ones.

– 10) What is your favorite sailing condition for taking photos?

Sunny days with wind and happy sailors ?

– 11) Which regatta or sailing venue do you remember with most pleasure?

All the regattas are unique, but surely the first time I photographed the 70º Brazilian Championship Class Snipe 2019 held at YCP (Yatch Club Paulista) – São Paulo\SP – Guarapiranga Dam.

1º Woman Snipe Paulist Championship 2019 also held at YCP and 71º Brazilian Championship Snipe Class 2020 held at YCB (Yatch Clube da Bahia) Salvador\Bahia.

– 12) Which would you rather do sail or take photos of sailing?

I really love take Sailing photos and get each little moment of the regattas and get the personality of each sailor of my view shot.

– 13) What is your dream in the peak? (Your sailing photography dream)

Take photos of ocean regattas in other countries of the world and have my photos   appreciated by sailors and sailing lovers wherever part of the world is. And maybe, soon make an exhibition of my photos.

– 14) Do you have any advice for budding photographers?

Taking lots of photos, being bold, mistakes and hits are part of a photographer’s life, being persistent in everything he does. Studytechniques and other experienced photographers. Your time and opportunity to show your talent and your gaze will come. Alwaysremembering that life brings us people who believe in our work. And they are the ones who bring us the right time to show our potential.My thanks to Paola Prada Lorenzi, Luca Lorenzi, Snipe Class who welcomed me with respect to my work. Finally, a special andaffectionate thanks to my wife Lidia Rossini who has always encouraged me in my profession and who often be my side in the goodwinds!



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