The Sailing Virus will prevail!

The Sailing Virus will prevail! Image

by Pietro Fantoni

We are experiencing a strange, almost surreal period.

We all have a great desire to race or simply go out on the boat to train, but we cannot do it.

The sailing season should begin soon in the northern hemisphere, but apart from a few races already held, it has been discontinued.

In the last week we have seen the cancellation of many local and international regattas. Now even in the Southern Hemisphere some regattas have been postponed or canceled.

The Board did well to clarify what the SCIRA guidelines are:

“The main concern is for the health and well-being of ALL sailors, support personnel, officials and volunteers. Any decisions of regattas to be held or cancelled is left to the regatta chair in coordination with the National Secretary. We encourage all regatta organizers to constantly monitor the situation and keep in contact with SCIRA and your members.”

I personally, in Italy, am working at home and can only go outside in cases of need and to buy food at the supermarket. No sailing, biking, skiing, or other activities are allowed.

This week I was supposed to be in Miami, to meet my American friends like I do every year, to chat and race with them at the Don Q Regatta, one of the regattas I am most fond of.

But even this regatta, unfortunately, has been canceled.

Now, what we must try to do, while waiting for sailing to begin again on our Snipes and to return to our normal life, is first of all to think positively. This period will end soon.

Then we must continue, as if nothing had happened, to do our sailing projects, to read and talk about sailing and Snipes, to train as much as possible (even from home if we cannot go outside).

On SnipeToday we will try to keep you updated, to provide news from various countries and from the Board.

We are convinced that this surreal period will end soon, the good sailing virus will prevail over any other bad virus and we will soon return to sailing Snipe anywhere in the world, meeting our friends again.

Photo credits: Alessandro Testa, Matias Capizzano



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