Earl Elms Memorial Regatta

Mission Bay, CA, USA, March 17, 2024

Earl Elms Memorial Regatta Image

Mission Bay, CA, USA, March 17, 2024. Final results after 7 races (1 discard):

  1. Randy Lake & Fenja, 14
  2. Chick Sinks & Carlin Fretwell, 15
  3. Owen Fretwell & Colin Krebs, 23
  4. Blake Buckner & marianna Stand, 25
  5. Ryan Hopps & Megan Lansdale, 38
1Randy Lake
Fenja Number 1
USA 31298NomeSDYC1420[6]416111
2Chuck Sinks
Carlin Fretwell
USA 28687C CannibalSDYC/MBYC152033223[5]2
3Owen Fretwell
Colin Krebs
USA 28857Toe BeansMBYC233455612[11]4
4Blake Buckner
Marianna Shand
USA 28467NoneSWYC/MBYC253572344[10]5
5Ryan Hopps
Megan Lansdale
USA 29197The Litter BoxMBYC38498[11]75729
6Packy DavisUSA 30733In the wayStfyc405129[11]85610
7Rick Arneson
Gus Wirth
USA 30800Green FlashSDYC4155[14]6491237
8Erik Hallback
Jon Rogers
USA 29672Club AssetsMBYC / CYC43574101012[14]43
9Ty BeachUSA 29702NoneMBYC476017[13]109713
10Robert Bowden
Grace Fang
USA 31439NoneMBYC50641289310[14]8
11Carolyn Krebs
Eric Krebs
USA 28225NoneMBYC556911138[14]896
12Mary Baker
Emma Ferris
USA 29151El SlammoMBYC709213157[DNC – 22]DNC – 22DNC – 22
13Will Stout
Victoria Stout
USA 28858NoneSDYC70859[15]151361215
14Amanda Kremer
Ryan Schubert
USA 30618NoneUnion Sailing Club7087[17]14141111812
15Dick Davidson
Ben Davidson
Maeve McGovern
USA 30017Soup KitchenMBYC8096151212151313[16]
16Chris McGrath
Shea McGrath
Dominic Ciccimaro
USA 30113Extreme DroughtMBYC8710510[18]1716151514
17Adam Field
Sonya Ropek
USA 29255NoneUnion Sailing Club91108161616[17]161611
18Nikolai Woeger
Fabian Woeger
USA 29535NoneUnion Sailing Club104122[18]171818171717
19Paul Kaseburg
Paul Kaseburg
USA 31256NoneMBYC132154[DNC – 22]DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22
20Bert Tietje
Tanya Wlodarczyk
USA 28468NuSanta Monica Windjammers Yacht Club132154[DNC – 22]DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22
21David TillsonUSA 30109NoneMBYC132154[DNC – 22]DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22DNC – 22



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