Colonial Cup

Annapolis, MD, USA, June 2, 2024

Colonial Cup Image
Photo courtesy of Ted Morgan

Annapolis, MD, USA, June 2, 2024. Final results after 6 races (1 discard):

  1. Ernesto Rodriguez & Marina Cano, 10
  2. Arthur Blodgett & Gracie Howie, 18
  3. Augie Diaz & Christine De Silva, 25
  4. Enrique Quintero & Hollis Barth, 27
  5. Peter Foley & Rees Tindall, 42
Ernesto Rodriguez / Marina Cano surf to victory. Photo Credit James Ronayne 

by Arthur Blodgett

Annapolis delivered for the record 40 Snipes racing in this years Colonial Cup regatta, with 6 races completed in wavy conditions. Ernesto Rodriguez / Marina Cano came away with the victory, with Arthur Blodgett / Grace Howie in second and Augie Diaz / Christine De Silva in 3rd. As always, the Snipe class features great competition and races were tightly compressed with expert sailors battling for position throughout the fleet. The regatta featured a Friday clinic as well as all the things that make Snipe sailing “Serious Fun” : Friday music, Saturday Italian buffet dinner for competitors, cocktails, a beer boat to supply sailors on their sail in, and late-night carousing at the local watering hole. Teams from as far as California, Canada and Miami were in attendance to kick off the Summer Snipe circuit in addition to a strong local fleet. 

Saturday began with a 2-hour postponement ashore, but by noon the forecasted easterly was already filling, and the fleet had a nice sail out to the racecourse before the first race. A significant right shift made for some surprises in the first race as Harry and Sarah Levinson of the Winchester Boat Club took 1st place! A testament to the fleet’s depth: the eventual top 2 finished 14th and 35th in this first race!  The breeze remained light, about 7-8 knots, with washing machine levels of powerboat chop from all directions as the local populations took to the Chesapeake Bay on this beautiful Spring day. Such waves require constant technique, anticipation and physicality, even in light winds. Not all powerboats were impediments: there were a number of spectators out to watch the racing action! A 3rd race was completed with winds up to 10kts before the Fleet headed in, with dinner waiting for them on shore! 

Race 3 Colonial Cup. Photo credit Jack Turner

Sunday conditions were perfect for Snipe racing in Annapolis: 12-14 kts out of the South. With waves of about 3 feet and a slightly longer swell, the surfing downwind was pretty epic. Constant hard hiking and movement were required upwind, challenging all the sailor’s fitness. Going into the 6th and final race, all of the top 3 positions were in doubt with the impending drop about to scramble the scores. The race committee did an excellent job attacking the fleet tendency; as the left had been paying consistently and the fleet shifted towards the pin end, they favored the Signal boat by about 5 degrees for the final U Flag start. Peter Foley/Rees Tindal and Rodriguez/ Cano capitalized, starting near the signal and controlling the fleet as it marched left. Enrique Quintero / Hollis Barth sailed a great regatta to finish 4th, while Foley/ Tindal would climb to 5th overall and were the top Juniors, continuing their success since they claimed the Bronze Medal at Snipe Junior Worlds this past January. Womens World Champion and Olympian Carol Cronin / Kim Couranz were recognized as the top all Womens team in 12th overall. 

Sunday windward mark: Rob Ramirez/Bryan Stout lead Rodriguez/Cano, Topsail Schooner “Pride of Baltimore” in the background. Photo Credit Ted Morgan.

A huge thank you to Severn Sailing Association for hosting this event, accommodating and entertaining 40 Snipes! Thank you to PRO Luke Shingledecker and his team of volunteers for running 6 great races! Andrew Cole and his Judge team were on hand to resolve a single protest. Thank you to regatta Chairs Nikki Bruno, Darby Capellin and Arthur Blodgett, as well as housing and charter coordinators/ local Snipe gurus Lisa and Alex Pline for making it all happen!

Capitol Day: Blodgett/Howie pace Robert Vann/Darby Capellin
Augie Daiz and Christine De Silva power upwind off Annapolis

Thank you to our Photographers: 
Ted Morgan
James Ronayne
Jack Turner @jack_wildlife

Thank you Race Committee!! Photo credit James Ronayne
1Ernesto Rodriguez
Marina Cano
USA 31337NoneMiami Snipe Fleet1024[14]31141
2Arthur Blodgett
Gracie Howie
USA 31771Mary AliceSSA1854[36]63414
3Augie Diaz
Christine De Silva
USA 30288DaniluCoconut Grove Sailing Club253841686[13]
4Enrique Quintero
Hollis Barth
USA 31640MAQCRYC2738104229[11]
5Peter Foley
Rees Tindall
USA 31384NoneCRYC/EYCJuniors4259[17]1641372
6Doug Hart
Diego Escobar
USA 31297NoneMBYC447024[26]51023
7Robert Vann
Darby Capellin
USA 30473She’ll be rightSSA44595810912[15]
8Evan Hoffmann
Shira Golub
USA 31770Pickle RickSan Diego Yacht Club46762[30]253115
9Bradley Adam
Thomas Walker
USA 29044NoneSevern Sailing Association5091202[UFD – 41]6148
10Robert Ramirez
Bryan Stout
USA 31638Tiller SwiftNew York Yacht Club5675[19]11816516
11Ivan Shestopalov
Lexi Pline
USA 029NoneSSA / Fleet 15779151215[22]87
12Carol Cronin
Kim Couranz
USA 31295NoneFleet 17Women58823[24]1172017
13Charlie Anderson
Kate Shermock
USA 30687Hey BrotherSSA/WRSC60101217[UFD – 41]2039
14Trevor Long
Alexandra Damley-Strnad
USA 30324Impact WarningSnipe Fleet 244 / Cottage Park Yacht Club648489131717[20]
15Gavin O’Hare
Holly OHare
USA 30629SeverenceSSA65966591926[31]
16Alex Pline
Lisa Pline
USA 31313Old Folks BoogieSevern Sailing Association669411171214[28]12
17Andrew Pimental
Laura Varela
USA 31846NoneSail Newport6789[22]181911136
18Luke Ingalls
Jacqueline Morrison
USA 29963Severus snipeSakonnet Yacht Club7199[28]202251014
19Liam Walz
Anna Flynn
USA 817Queen Anna’s RevengeCrescent Yacht Club85118[33]2217121519
20Brady Stagg
Gracie McDougall
USA 30195NoneAYC/SSA86118[32]237271910
21Zack Kelchner
Lydia McPherson
USA 29782ToastySSA931257212018[32]27
22Harry Levinson
Sarah Levinson
USA 29842Blue DevilWinchester Boat Club95130114312524[35]
23Lee Griffith
Nikki Bruno
USA 31304NoneSurf City Yacht Club9812526131424[27]21
24Peter Lobaugh
Kristen Healy
USA 163NoneAnnapolis Yacht ClubJuniors9813113[33]16231828
25Bob Adam
Stephanie Adam
USA 30302Touch of GreySail Newport101135[34]1027152524
26Harri Palm
Ryan Perry
CAN 31637NoneGuelph Community Boating Club110141162530[31]2118
27Lorie Stout
Sunny Sturmer
USA 29682Stoutgear.comSSAWomen117154[37]1518292926
28Chris Ryan
Nicole Ryan
USA 30301NoneSSA11814625[28]26281623
29Juan Carlos Cuellar Canizares
Ignacio Sanchez Rojas
CAN 30762AguaVoile Sansoucy1231642719[DSQ – 41]322322
30Jed Bell
Ruby Gordon
USA 129NoneSevern Sailing Association126164[38]3221262225
31Greg Virgin
Chris Schon
USA 31805NoneSSA127162122924[35]3329
32John Tagliamonte
Scarlett Koller
USA 31013NoneWinchester Fleet 7713116230272321[31]30
33Preston SeniorUSA 30299Senior MomentSevern Sailing Association / EYC13617393132[37]3034
34Lucas Thress
Rebecca Keller
USA 28686NoneFordham UniversityJuniors14318418352830[DNF – 41]32
35Devon Feusahrens
Charlotte Carroll
USA 30860Her FaultSSAWomen15719423[37]34333433
36Charles Green
Valentina Varela
USA 31847Forever YoungCGSC171209293435[38]3538
37Rich McVeigh
Carol McVeigh
USA 31061NoneSSA1722093136333636[37]
38Kenneth Luczynski
Langdon Wallace
USA 30362MaricarUS Merchant Marine Academy18722839[DNF – 41]DNC – 41343736
39Mark Fuhrmann
Stephen Fadulon
USA 27734NoneSSA18722635[39]36393839
40Brad Milliken
Allison Chenard
USA 30928Jussa SituationSSA189230403829[DNC – 41]DNC – 41DNC – 41



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