Miami Snipe Invite

Miami, FL, USA, January 8, 2023

Miami Snipe Invite Image

Miami, FL, USA, January 8, 2023. Final results after 7 races (1 discard):

  1. USA Trevor Davis & Rees Tindall, 15
  2. MEX Alfonso Garcia Bringas & Taylor Scheuermann, 20
  3. USA Asher Zittrer & Clara Rodriguez Horan, 35
  4. PUR Raul Rios & Avery Baldwin, 41
  5. USA Liam O’Keefe & Mitchell Callahan, 48
1Trevor Davis
Rees Tindall
USA 29940Bad Panda Racing15193131[4]43
2Alfonso García Bringas
Taylor Scheuermann
MEX 31129Surprise Wasabi2037931223[17]
3Asher Zittrer
Ciara Rodriguez Horan
USA 31300None35641287[DNC – 29]314
4Raul Rios
Avery Baldwin
PUR 29841Chico41581[ZFP – 17]5139121
5Liam O’Keefe
Mitchell Callahan
USA 31144None48718[ZFP – 23]1635106
6Justin Callahan
Noah Zittrer
USA 31330None50774132211[27]9
7Augie Dale
Carter Cameron
PUR 30377CheeseBirger in Paradise/Birger’s Boat5377616847[24]12
8Tyler Mowry
Lexi Pline
USA 31313Sinter Clausen5584[OCS – 29]ZFP – 169101622
9Trevor Long
Grace Mao
USA 30324Impact Warning608956131989[DNC – 29]
10Sam Vandormael
Daan Vandormael
BEL 31337Brothers gonna work it out61901071712[OCS – 29]78
11Sean Trudell
Rebecca Schill
USA 30027None627914968[17]1411
12Andre Guaragna
Christine De Silva
USA 30743None6489[25]22276522
13Diego Escobar
Aidan Hoogland
USA 28955None66872ZFP – 11[21]1520810
14Charlotte Rose
Logan Brickhouse
USA 29963ASEWomen689717[DNF – 29]10201065
15Raul Diaz
Lorena Fudalra
USA 29995None709971949[OCS – 29]1516
16Sarah Alexander
Mariah Leffingwell
USA 31635NoneWomen7910320141251513[24]
17Grace Howie
Tucker Hersam
USA 30473Nut on the tiller8210519414161217[23]
18Federico Diaz De Leon
Malcolm Lamphere
USA 30188Pinto Bean901121321116[22]2118
19David Coates
Marisleysis Cedeno
USA 30288None9011515ZFP – 21[25]1113237
20Jose Diaz
Mercedes Delgado
PUR 2984None9411416[20]1518141615
21Kathryn Bornarth
John Monahan
USA 30321Black Jack9512418121817[OCS – 29]1119
22Jack Powers
Ana Smith
USA 31442None1091332123[24]22111913
23Peter Foley
Louis Lafontisee
USA 31384S.S. Tonka11514111ZFP – 24231423[26]20
24Cole Amaral
Hugh Carty
USA 1295None118142[24]221923182214
25Ximena Escobar
Sean Ross
USA 29907None1311572224[26]SRS – 25192021
26Yoan Carrillo
Daniel Fulgueiro
USA 333700146175232520[DNF – 29]2425OCS – 29
27Brian Hayes Jr
Sydney Monahan
Michael Kaufman
USA 29978None151180[DNC – 29]DNC – 29DNC – 29DNC – 29211825
28Steven Scott
Jackie Scott
USA 31004None17120026[ZFP – 29]DNF – 29DNC – 29DNC – 29DNC – 29DNC – 29



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