Herb Shear Snipe Invitational

Mission Bay, CA, USA, May 21, 2023

Herb Shear Snipe Invitational Image

Mission Bay, CA, USA, May 21, 2023. Final results after 7 races (1 discard):

  1. Ryan Ratliffe & Megan Lansdale, 12
  2. Randy Lake & Alice Schmid, 14
  3. David Tillson & Paige Tillson, 20
  4. Carter Cameron & Noah Nyenhuis, 29
  5. Don Bedford & Treat Bedford, 35
1Ryan Ratliffe
Megan Lansdale
USA 29439FiggintogeddaliftMbyc1218114222[6]
2Randy Lake
Alice Schmid
USA 31298NoneSDYC1419321431[5]
3David Tillson
Paige Tillson
USA 30109NoneMBYC203794211[NSC – 17]3
4Carter Cameron
Noah Nyenhuis
USA 30337Burrito TimeCarolina Yacht Club SC2941273359[12]
5Don Bedford
Treat Bedford
USA 31114Old and in the wayMBYC3547610[12]7741
6Rick Arneson
Gus Wirth
USA 30800Green FlashSDYC354549[10]6952
7Packy Davis
Charlotte Hinman
USA 30733In the wayStfyi4153[12]5756810
8Owen Fretwell
Efe Derman
USA 28857NoneMBYC43547[11]1110438
9Shea McGrath
Garrett Henderson Fenja Bahrenburg
USA 30113DilettanteMBYC4657[11]86111074
10Ty Beach
Alex Markworth
USA 29702BREAKAWAYMBYC48601038911[12]7
11Ken Redler
Kenyon Redler
USA 29315The RockMBYC5774569812[DNC – 17]DNC – 17
12Bob Bowden
Kaya Hancock
USA 31439NoneMbyc61758[14]512141111
13Seth Siegler
Cragan Smith
USA 28687Star FoxMission Bay Yacht Club7491[DNC – 17]DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17869
14Craig Storms
Stefanie Storms
USA 29356NoneMBYC7690[14]131314131013
15Bert Tietje
Alena Philpot
USA 28468NuSMWYC81981312141315[NSC – 17]14
16Erik HallbackUSA 29672NoneMBYC102119[DNC – 17]DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17



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