Rocky Mountain & District 2 Snipe Championship

Rocky Mountain & District 2 Snipe Championship Image

Longmont, CO, USA, September 18, 2022. Report by Amanda Kremer

First of all, THANK YOU very much to everyone who helped make the Rocky Mountain Snipe Championship this past weekend a success. We had multiple volunteers from Fleet #210 and Union Sailing Club who organized food, drinks, ice, coolers, provided lodging for out-of-towners and just made it a great weekend all around. Also, a huge thank you to our wonderful RC volunteers, Dirk, Rosemary, Doug, Bill and Henry who ran some very competitive races both days!

This year everyone who competed in the RMSC at Union Reservoir in Longmont, Colorado was pleasantly surprised with relatively steady winds between 10-15 knots all day Saturday. “It was the best sailing all year,” said Blaine McCleskley, winner of this year’s Rocky Mountain and newly crowned District II Champion. His crew Adrienne McCleskly could only agree with him: “It was so much fun!” 

The fleet was made up of 20 boats – 18 of which made it out on the water. A lot of competition through the ranks made things interesting between competitors. A total of 7 races were sailed over two days, with the lighter air returning for just one race on Sunday morning. 

Some great prizes were donated by the Smith’s for a raffle after dinner Saturday night (honing in on the “Serious Fun” element of the Snipe Class). Gene Soltero snatched the grand prize: a large Harken soft sided cooler! Others were happy with burgees. koozies, Quantum hats and sailing related reading materials!

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come join the fun and competition, both to our locals as well as those who traveled from as far as Dallas and Miami!

1Blaine McCleskey
Adrienne McCleskey
USA 29537Masters or BustFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain829121211[DNS – 21]
2Amanda Kremer
Ryan Schubert
USA 31790EngagedFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain1316[3]131323
3Gene Soltero
Laura O’Leary
USA 30777Princess Soggy Bottom VIIICorinthian Sailing Club–Dallas1620232[4]234
4Bruce Miller
Nina Norman
USA 30618SleipnirFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain36516995[15]52
5Carl RichterUSA 30391Purple StilettoFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain4152[11]41174411
6Martin o Sofie HolmgrenUSA 28449Sofie’s BoatFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain4162584613[DNS – 21]5
7Nikolai Woeger
Fabian Woeger
USA 27400Lobster NoodlesFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain4762[15]1178588
8Syd Slouka
Jeremy Pacheco
USA 69Jammy DodgerFleet 640 – Bow Mar496485141066[15]
9Taylon Starr
Akash Kalsekar
USA 30477Princess Soggy Bottom VIICorinthian Sailing Club–Dallas5470465151212[16]
10Chris Little
DJ Hagberg
USA 25912Watery TartFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain5972[13]1013910710
11Kim Adam
Dan McBrearty
USA 29941Critical MistakesFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain66871076[DNS – 21]DNS – 21DNS – 211
12Alexander (Andy) BlitzUSA 24638Go Go GadgetFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain66841614[18]14796
13Doug MoldawskyUSA 27094IreneFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain66839[17]101611119
14Brian Smith
Brittany Smith
USA 25046Bling BlingFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain7091[OCS – 21]16838DNS – 2114
15Eliot PaysonUSA 31244Bow MartianFleet 640 – Bow Mar749571312129[DNS – 21]DNS – 21
16Alanna Fernandez
Adam Field
USA 28900Rum FloaterFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain7596[DNF – 21]18151114107
17Jim Stillson
Katy Stillson
USA 29908Formally PinkSnipe Fleet 0018710812121613[DNF – 21]DNS – 2113
18Mike Slouka
Cody Gonzales
CZE 31188Blue BlazersFleet 640 – Bow Mar100121141517[DNS – 21]DNS – 21DNS – 2112
19Simon DayUSA 31700Each-UisceFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain126147[DNS – 21]DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21
20Richard SummersUSA 29535Dark Side of the MoonFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain126147[DNS – 21]DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21DNS – 21

Photos by Dirk Richter

Video by Kev Graham

See you on the water again very soon!




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