North American Championship

North American Championship Image

Toronto, Canada, September 11, 2022. Final results after 6 races (1 discard):

  1. PUR Raul Rios & Andrea Riefkohl, 7
  2. USA Jim Bowers & Julia Rabin, 18
  3. USA Evan Hoffmann & Shira Golub, 20
  4. USA Sarah Alexander & Nikki Bruno, 21
  5. USA Alex Pline & Lisa Pline, 21
1Raul Rios
Andrea Riefkohl
PUR 29841NoneFVPR / CNSJ / DRD791[2]1221
2Jim Bowers
Julia Rabin
USA 31555NoneWinchester boat club18262164[8]5
3Evan Hoffmann
Shira Golub
USA 31770Pickle RickSan Diego Yacht Club202755[7]163
4Sarah Alexander
Nikki Bruno
USA 31635NoneSevern Sailing Association212967[8]512
5Alex Pline
Lisa Pline
USA 31313Old Folks BoogieSevern Sailing Association2128443[7]46
6René Torrecilla Abreu
Lorena Fundadora Rodríguez
CUB 29518NoneNone2336[DSQ – 13]34394
7Hector Guzman
Mariana Guzman
USA 31171NoneMarinazul253336565[8]
8Eric Reinke
Alex Damley-Strnad
USA 31357NoneSevern Sailing Association2836[8]82837
9Harri Palm
Stacey Hatlelid
CAN 30765NoneGuelph Community Boating Club41507[9]9979
10Ryan Perry
Inessa Townsend-Fish
CAN 29314NoneGuelph Community Boating Club49599[10]10101010
11Christopher Hains
Donald Hains
CAN 31655NoneGuelph Community Boating Club5669[NSC – 13]1111111112
12Stephan Irgens
Monica Irgens
USA 28470Green BoatCCSA576910[12]12121211



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