Carolyn Nute Regatta

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Mission Bay, CA, USA, October 30, 2022. Final results after 7 races (1 discard):

  1. Randy Lake & Alice Schmid, 15
  2. Augie Dale & carter Cameron, 17
  3. George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 28
  4. Rick Arneson & Sean Kaseburg, 40
  5. David Tillson & Paige Tillson, 42
1Randy Lake
Alice Schmid
USA 31298NoneSDYC15213[6]11316
2Augie Dale
Carter Cameron
USA 30337Burrito TimeCarolina Yacht Club1743112[OCS – 26]292
3George Szabo
Diana Waterbury
USA 314441NoneSDYC28405832[12]64
4Rick Arneson
Sean Kaseburg
USA 30800Green FlashSDYC40514[11]7451010
5David Tillson
Paige Tillson
USA 30109NoneMBYC425411711[12]175
6Ryan Ratliffe
Efe Derman
USA 29439FigginToGeddaLiftMBYC42586148545[16]
7Matt Hecht
Grace Yakutis
USA 109NoneSDYC / CorYC456325[18]1013411
8Owen Fretwell
John Fretwell
USA 28857NoneMBYC48611041088[13]8
9Seth Siegler
Cragan Smith
USA 28687BelafonteMission Bay Yacht Club537272139[19]157
10Chris Wright
Lauren Wright
USA 00Serenity NowMBYC5366[13]13676129
11Ty Beach
Josh Kozak
USA 29702NoneMBYC6380[17]3121116813
12Don Bedford
Megan Murfey
USA 31114Monster MashMBYC71921219[21]132133
13Packy DavisUSA 30733In the wayStfyc739922[DNF – 26]51420111
14Aine Fretwell
Carlin Fretwell
USA 29248MauriceMBYC7393912[20]1715218
15Aimee HeimUSA 29646NoneSDYC80102151042110[22]20
16Robert Bowden
Grace Fang
USA 31439NoneMBYC81100149[19]1891912
17Ken RedlerUSA 29315The RockMBYC8711318151461816[OCS – 26]
18Sean Adams
Jenny Adams
USA 30550NoneMBYC/AYC901121617153[22]2019
19Allie Shand
Cassandra Shand
USA 28955NoneMbyc9211820[DNF – 26]915171417
20Paul Kaseburg
Liam Kaseburg
USA 31256NoneMBYC97116[19]161619141715
21Eric Heim
Parker And Lorelei
USA 28858Needlessly ProvocativeSDYC991258[DNF – 26]DNF – 26DNS – 2671814
22Erik HallbackUSA 29672NoneMBYC115139[24]202220112121
23Brian Fitzsimmons
Garrett Henderson
USA 30113NoneMBYC11714021181716[23]2322
24Bert Tietje
Gabriel Rios
USA 28468NuSanta Monica Windjammers Yacht Club138164232123[OCS – 26]242423
25Chris JankowskiUSA 31789NoneMBYC156182[DNS – 26]DNS – 26DNS – 26DNS – 26DNS – 26DNS – 26DNS – 26



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