Fleets: Let us know the Story and the Activity of your Fleet

Fleets: Let us know the Story and the Activity of your Fleet Image

The heart of the Snipe Class is the local fleet. Fleet activity boosts regional, national and international activity. It is also a “family” where the sailors can spend their time sailing, chatting, drinking, eating and dancing. Where they can experience the true essence of the Snipe: Serious sailing and serious fun.

Let us know the story and the activity of your Fleet. So please send your contributions to [email protected]


  • History of the fleet: When the fleet was founded? Most important sailors and fleet captains
  • Where is it located? Where do you sail (Racing area)?
  • How many boats and sailors? Who are they?
  • Which regattas has the fleet held in the past? Are there annual regattas or events?
  • Social events: does the fleet organize parties, dinners, clinics, promotional events etc.? Do you have a site, a mailing list or a FB page?
  • Programs or ideas for the next future
  • Also, please send photos

Pietro Fantoni, ST Editor

International Snipe Fleets

Fleet 495 San Diego

Fleet 801 St. Petersburg

Fleet 399 El Gato – Fleet 847 Laguna

Fleet 876 Romagna

Fleet 727 Campestre

Fleet in Poland

Fleet 152 Gijon

Fleet 1 Dallas

Fleet 77 Winchester Boat Club & Fleet 777 Medford Boat Club

The Sistiana Fleet and the Snipe Fleets in the Gulf of Trieste

Fleet 686 Los Nietos

Fleet 875 Aternum

Fleet 423 Antwerp



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